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Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights

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Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights 

Intellectual property is the same as any other piece of property – it can be sold, traded and protected.  Our team’s experience with intellectual property runs deeps, having served national and international corporations, startups, universities, medical providers and independent inventors.  We advise individuals seeking a patent to protect their inventions, industry-leading companies attempting to maximize their research and development investments, and mid-size businesses wanting to protect their brands and other valuable intellectual-property rights.

If you have invented something new, we can help you obtain a patent to protect your invention in the United States and internationally.  We provide patentability opinions, infringement opinions, and invalidity opinions.  If you already have a patent, we can assist you in enforcing your patent rights.  If you are accused of infringing a patent, we will assist you in responding to the infringement allegation. 

Your brand should be protected no matter where you do business.  Whether you operate locally or internationally, we provide comprehensive brand protection.  We conduct trademark searches; file trademark applications; and handle opposition and cancellation proceedings.

We can assist you in registering copyrights and taking action to stop infringers from misusing your copyrighted material.

Trade Secrets
You should be able to maintain your competitive edge without sacrificing or exposing the information and know-how you have created and developed.  Whether it is a customer list, a unique process or machine, or a special formula, we can help you protect it.  We also assist those accused of misappropriating the trade secrets of others.

IP Licensing and Transactions
Your portfolio is our priority. We advise clients in all aspects of intellectual-property transactions, including licensing and acquisitions. Our attorneys can help you maximize the value of your IP Portfolio.

Infringement Litigation
We provide aggressive and effective representation when you need to enforce your intellectual-property rights or are accused of infringing the intellectual-property rights of others.  Our litigators regularly handle patent, trademark, and copyright infringement matters as well as trade-secret cases, for both plaintiffs and defendants.   We represent clients in courts throughout the region, the Federal Circuit, and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Electronic Commerce
Our IP and business practice areas jointly provide unparalleled levels of assistance for technology and web businesses. We’ll help you distribute your products and services through licensing, e-commerce and web development agreements.  We assist clients with domain-name transactions and enforcement and handle UDRP proceedings.